Korean Litigation for Foreigners: Start Law Firm’s Expertise

Korean Litigation for Foreigners: A Comprehensive Guide

Preparing for Korean Litigation

When aiming to initiate a lawsuit in Korea as a foreigner, certain preparations are essential:
– Gather all pertinent legal documents.
– Ensure readiness of additional certifications if the plaintiff is a foreigner.
– Set an initial consultation with an attorney to determine strategies.

For more details on the legal statute of limitations for enforcing rights in Korea, read our article on Statute of Limitations in Korea.

Legal Representation in Korea

Korean litigation primarily occurs in the Korean language. Hence, having a proficient Korean-speaking attorney is advantageous. More importantly, an attorney with thorough knowledge of Korean litigation is essential.

Korean Litigation Steps

Filing the claim: The inception of the litigation where a claim against the defendant is placed.
Evidence submission: Both parties submit evidence supporting their stance.
Court trial: The court conducts the trial based on claims and evidence.
Verdict pronouncement: The court’s final decision post-trial.

Costs and Duration

Litigation can entail various costs, including attorney fees, court fees, and other related expenses. The entire duration of the litigation can vary based on the case’s complexity; however, typically, each court level takes a minimum of 6 months or more.

Arbitration in Korea

Arbitration, an alternative to traditional court litigation in Korea, is faster and often more efficient. However, both parties must mutually agree for arbitration to be possible.

Recognizing Foreign Judgments in Korea

Enforcing a foreign judgment in Korea requires adherence to Korean legal standards and international treaties.


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At Start Law Firm, we understand the intricacies of Korean laws, especially when it comes to representing foreign clients. With our seasoned professionals by your side, you won’t just get legal assistance; you’ll experience a partnership that values transparency, commitment, and excellence.

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