Guide for Foreigners on Real Estate Acquisition in Korea

Real Estate Acquisition and Holding Report for Foreigners

Acquisition through Contract

  • Report target: All real estate acquired by contract
  • Reporting period: Within 60 days of the contract date
  • Reporting agency: City/County/District office where the property is located

Acquisition due to Non-Contractual Reasons

  • Report target: Real estate acquisition through inheritance, auction, redemption rights, etc.
  • Reporting period: Within 6 months of acquisition date (date of cause)
  • Reporting agency: City/County/District office where the property is located

Ongoing Property Holding after Nationality Change to Foreigner

  • Report target: When nationality changes to foreigner after holding a property in South Korea
  • Reporting period: Within 6 months of nationality change
  • Reporting agency: City/County/District office where the property is located

Land Acquisition through Prior Approval

Areas requiring prior approval for land acquisition include military bases, cultural heritage protection zones, and ecological conservation areas. Apply for approval at the City/County/District office where the land is located before contract.

Penalty Regulations

  • Imprisonment or Fine: If land is acquired without permission where it’s required, the penalty can be up to 2 years of imprisonment or a fine of up to 20 million KRW.
  • Penalty Charge: For non-compliance with real estate acquisition reporting, a penalty charge can be imposed.

Foreigners looking to acquire land should be cautious, especially in areas requiring prior approval. Acquiring property without the necessary permits can lead to legal repercussions. For detailed consultation or assistance with real estate registration and other real estate acquisition concerns, please contact our law firm.


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