Debt Claim Procedures in Korea

Initiating Debt Claims in Korea

For foreigners and international businesses, understanding the Korean litigation process is crucial when trying to claim debts. The Korean legal system offers various steps to ensure a smooth collection process.

For more details on the legal statute of limitations for enforcing rights in Korea, read our article on Statute of Limitations in Korea.

Sending Proof of Content

A proof of content serves as the first step in officially notifying the debtor about the debt in Korea. It lays out the specifics of the debt, like the amount due and the collection deadline. It’s sent through Korea Post for credibility. While this isn’t a compulsory step, it strengthens your position in any subsequent legal actions.

Payment Order Application in Korean

In cases where the debtor remains unresponsive, applying for a payment order is an option. The Korean court system supports this as a written procedure, automatically becoming final if no objections arise from the debtor. Remember, this isn’t strictly necessary but can simplify subsequent litigation.

Taking Legal Action: Filing a Lawsuit

When other avenues don’t result in debt recovery, the Korean litigation system allows for a lawsuit. A legal procedure gets initiated, and the court assesses the case, eventually arriving at a verdict. If favorable, this becomes the basis for debt collection. For deeper insights, please visit our comprehensive guide on Korean Litigation for Foreigners: Start Law Firm’s Expertise.

Enforcement in Korea

Post-judgment, if the debtor remains non-compliant, enforcement procedures can be invoked. With the backing of the court, the debtor’s assets can be seized or auctioned off to recover the owed amount.


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